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Restoring the environment is elemental.
All of our enzymes are safe in the environment and non-toxic.
That is why we have designed enzymes to treat toxic heavy metals and pesticides.

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Featured news: The power of protein
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We are currently in the research and development phase of our initial product lines, with anticipated products available in Spring 2013.

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How will Elemental Enzymes work for you?

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What is an enzyme?

Enzymes are proteins made and used by living organisms. All living organisms use enzymes as tools to build and break down molecules. Enzymes are used to build things like DNA, structural proteins, and fats. Enzymes are also used to breakdown molecules such as food. These smaller molecules from food are used to make energy for the body.

Every enzyme has a specific function and is specific for one type of molecule. The molecule which the enzyme acts on is called the substrate. The substrate for each enzyme fits like a key into the enzyme. Only when the correct substrate finds the enzyme is it able to be converted into other products. This relationship between enzyme and substrate means that you will never have to worry about your enzyme acting on any other nearby molecules, other than the intended substrate.

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What are enzymes used for?

Although enzymes all serve a function in life, many of the functions of enzymes have benefits outside of a living organism. Many industries today utilize enzymes due to their quick action and ability to process great deals of materials into refined finished products. Some examples of these industries: laundry detergents (to remove stains), wood processing (for paper), and as an additive to dairy and bakery operations (to speed up natural processes).

Who we are

Brian Thompson, Ph.D.

Katie Thompson, Ph.D.

Our platform technology allows us to make many popular enzymes more stable. The Elemental Enzymes technology allows enzymes to operate under higher temperature and last longer in harsh environments or industrial processes. This enables the enzymes to operate for extended periods of time in the environment or industrial processes.